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Plug Happy

(noun) A sensation of joy experienced when you love your sneakers and how you got them.

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This summer, we want to remind people what Plug is really about: delivering sneakers with a smile. We grew tired of hearing the same old things around the industry: hype, profits, hype, profits. The Plug Happy campaign serves as a homage to what really matters: the happiness that only the freshest kicks coupled with the smoothest buying experience can bring. Our goal throughout the process was to tap into that true driver of sneaker culture through a campaign culminating in a shoe donation drive. To thank those who donate, we've prepared an exclusive "Give & Save" sale with thousands of dollars in savings on the latest shoes.

Give and Save?

Yup. In true giving spirit, we are rewarding fans who a donate a pair of sneakers with a massively-discounted, exclusive sale of some of the hottest sneakers in the game. Simply follow the instructions on our Plug Happy Sale page and give yourself a pat on the back (and maybe some new sneakers to go with it) for helping those in need. We'll take care of collecting all the submitted shoes and getting them to the people who need them most.

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