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  • Alfonso Corona

Nike Running Away with Summer

When you're a company that invests in Research and Development as much and long as Nike has, you always have a few tricks up your sleeve. Amid concerns over company culture, stock price decline, and an increasingly cutthroat market, Nike has flashed the knack for innovative designs that brought the powerhouse brand to glory.

The Nike React Element 87, one of July's most anticipated releases.

One such design is the Nike React Element 87 (pictured above). There's something about the futuristic outsole, durable-yet-breathable translucent fabric, and masterful splash of color shown in this "sail" colorway that drew high praise well ahead of its release date. The model further shows Nike's success in the "sportswear as lifewear" department that has shown to be one of the most desirable segments in the retail landscape today. Also notable is the use of React cushioning, Nike's latest outsole technology that has quickly earned consumers' attention.

The Nike EXP-X14

Adding to the impressive roster of models boasting React cushioning is the Nike EXP-X14. Packed to the brim with subtle nods to Nike's proud history as a leader in running as well as cutting edge technology, the EXP-X14 is another sneaker that's sure to shake up the game.

Look for both of these sneakers to take over the discussion for the hottest runners of the summer. With adidas' YEEZY sneakers causing less and less waves each release (more on that here), Nike's latest styles set the brand up to run away with consumers' hearts, and wallets, this summer.


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