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Is Nike looking to prove something in 2018?

We’re just about a month into 2018, but it’s already clear that Nike and Jordan Brand are coming out swinging this year. In the first week of January we saw a big hit for Jordan with the “Gatorade” 6 NRG, and Nike’s Epic React trainer has already made waves across social media channels before its release. This comes after years of Nike facing criticism (and declining stock price growth) for over-producing a majority of their highly anticipated releases, something that has resulted in styles going on sale that had been highly coveted as “grails” by sneaker collectors as recently as 5 years ago, and contrasts sharply to Adidas’ explosive success with seemingly every limited-edition release. Nike’s declining sales are often compared to Adidas’ rise both in stock price and “hype”, which are usually credited to the Yeezy sneaker line and Ultraboost technology.

However, Jordan Brand certainly has many opportunities lined up to rally consumer excitement with limited releases like another iteration of the Jordan X Off-White collaboration that’s slated to release this year, as well as a slew of much-awaited Jordan 1s in February. With rising consumer sentiment that Adidas Yeezys are losing their desirability due to drastically increasing production numbers and various Ultraboost and NMD styles hitting the “Sale” aisles, signaling that the buzz for them has worn off, this could be exactly the right time could be right for Jordan and Nike to make a statement.

Could this be a year where Nike makes its case for who is the true #1 in sneakers?

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