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Plug Talk: Jordan 1 Mid Fearless "Blue the Great"

In a month as packed with releases as this November, it takes something special to make an impression as lasting and immediate as the Jordan 1 Mid Fearless "Blue the Great". Its use of primary colors makes every other release this month secondary (haha) and has kept us in a trance, so we figured we'd take an in-depth look at what makes these shoes, designed by LA-based artist Blue the Great, so striking.

Fearless Colors - Color is to artists like Mjölnir is to Thor: incredibly powerful in the hands of the right wielder. While we've seen nearly every possible iteration of the "(Color) Toe" color-blocking with the Black Toe, Yellow Toe, Gold Toe, etc, Blue the Great reached deep into his bag and armed these shoes with bold, vibrant colors in an eclectic combination that draws your gaze and keeps it.

Material Dreams - The Jordan 1 Mid Fearless "Blue the Great" feature an ever-elusive combination of flash and substance. The brave colors are backed by meaningful materials like clean suede, nostalgic corduroy, and sturdy chenille for the Swoosh logo.

Harmony - Like being gifted a steering wheel cover when you only have a bike, we've all learned that having nice things only works when they mesh well together. In the case of these Fearless Jordan 1s, Blue the Great elevates the premium colors and materials to produce a result greater than the sum of its parts.

Bottom Line - The Jordan 1 Mid Fearless "Blue the Great" are bold sneakers designed by a bold artist. It is a perfectly fitting collaboration for Nike's Fearless Ones campaign focused on brave re-imaginations of the iconic Jordan 1. Top-tier execution all around the shoe means we expect them to be a hot item heading into the holiday season; do you?


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