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  • Alfonso Corona

What is Plug?

Plug is a mobile sneaker marketplace dedicated to improving the process of buying and selling sneakers. Our team has been a part of the sneaker community for years and has set out to alleviate the pain points that buyers and sellers are forced to deal with today. For us, that means ensuring faster delivery times to our buyers and faster cash-out times for our sellers, all while maintaining the lowest commissions of a "ship to verify" marketplace today. Plug ties all of this into a seamless app experience that delivers smooth transactions where buyers receive verified authentic shoes and sellers receive the most value for their kicks.

We are working towards launching our app during Q4 of 2018 and have many surprises planned until then, so make sure to stay in touch on our social medias and later blog posts! Our main focus will forever be our consumers, so feel free to reach out any time with any questions, concerns, or suggestions at


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